About Us

We have been servicing appliances in your area since many years and were around for all the new inventions and techniques. As authorized service members for most USA made and overseas manufacturers we are up-to-date and ready to service all your appliance needs. Just contact us to see for yourself the quality service that we provide and our friendly staff will be glad to listen to your problems, schedual an appointment, or just call about any of your appliance needs.


We are local company stationed of the heart of New York City with only one goal in mind: to provide our neighbors with quality appliance service for a great price, with licensed, knowledgeable technicians. While we have grown into a large and successful company that services most of NYC since then, we haven’t lost that small, neighborhood charm. Our staff is friendly and can answer any of your service needs.


If at any time you feel uncomfortable, uneasy, or prefer to speak with a dispatcher about anything that the technician is doing we will stand by our work and welcome your questions and comments when the technician is at your home. Once again, providing quality service and putting your needs first. We are always in the office even weekends, so do not be shy to contact us, the soonest you let us know there is a problem the faster we can resolve the issue. All of our work is warranted and we only use factory-authorized parts. Please contact us for further information on services we offer.