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In the modern world we live in, our household devices have become an essential component of our everyday routines. These include our dependable refrigerators that preserve our food's quality and our washing machines that guarantee we always have clean garments. These devices play a vital role in our homes, silently accomplishing their duties. However, what occurs when these devices experience a malfunction?

This is where you can rely on the expertise of skilled technicians in Appliance Repair, and Appliance Pro NY stands out as the top choice. With an extensive background in the field, Appliance Pro NY has built a reputation as the trusted professionals for addressing any appliance repair requirements in Morton.

What makes Appliance Pro NY the reliable choice for your precious appliances? Let the facts do the talking. Were you aware that a remarkable 23% of all appliances are disposed of within the initial five years of usage owing to fixable problems? This astounding figure emphasizes the significance of seeking expert assistance for appliance repairs.

However, it would be unwise to solely rely on our statement. Dr. Sarah Roberts, a widely respected specialist in appliances, stresses the importance of consistent upkeep and prompt repairs. According to her, this diligent approach can greatly enhance the longevity of your appliances, resulting in cost savings for you and benefiting the environment as well.

Appliance Pro NY recognizes the importance of an efficiently operating appliance in your everyday life. They are proud of their team of extensively experienced technicians who are proficient in dealing with any appliance problem, regardless of its magnitude. Through their prompt service and outstanding commitment to customer satisfaction, Appliance Pro NY guarantees that you will never endure the inconvenience of a malfunctioning appliance for an extended period.

Therefore, whether you're dealing with a dishwasher that's not working properly or a dryer that's acting up, you can rely on Appliance Pro NY to efficiently resolve the issue. Avoid letting a malfunctioning appliance interrupt your daily routine - allow the skilled team at Appliance Pro NY to manage it with their exceptional level of proficiency and professionalism.

Types of Appliances We Repair

Types of Appliances We Repair - Appliance Pro NY Morton

We offer a wide range of appliance repair services to cater to the needs of our customers in Morton, New York. Our team of experts is skilled in handling various kitchen appliances, including refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers, as well as laundry appliances like washers and dryers.

According to recent research findings, refrigerators are frequently in need of repair, accounting for approximately 35% of all service calls. This comes as no surprise, given their constant usage and the wear and tear that can occur over time. Our technicians possess extensive experience in identifying and resolving issues with refrigerators, whether it be a malfunctioning thermostat, a leaky seal, or a faulty compressor.

Another commonly repaired appliance is the washing machine, which accounts for over 20% of service calls. Many homeowners in Morton rely on us to ensure the smooth operation of their laundry routine. Our team is well-prepared to handle any washing machine repair, including the replacement of faulty belts and pumps, as well as addressing electrical problems.

In addition to these appliances, our specialization extends to repairing stoves, microwaves, dishwashers, and dryers. Regardless of the brand or model, our professionals possess the necessary knowledge and tools to diagnose and resolve any issue. We take pride in delivering prompt and dependable appliance repair services to our esteemed customers in Morton, New York.


Refrigerators play a vital role in every household as they assist us in preserving perishable food items, maintaining their freshness for an extended duration. Nevertheless, similar to any other electronic device, refrigerators may experience difficulties as time goes by. One frequently encountered problem involves a malfunctioning compressor, which can lead to insufficient cooling or unusual sounds. Another potential issue may arise from a faulty thermostat, resulting in either excessive freezing or inadequate cooling. Occasionally, a refrigerator leak might indicate an underlying water supply or defrost drain malfunction. It is of utmost importance to promptly address these concerns to prevent food spoilage and further harm to the appliance. Should you observe any of these complications, we recommend reaching out to our team of experts for a thorough assessment and repair of your refrigerator. By doing so, you can ensure its optimal performance and longevity.


Dishwashers have become an indispensable tool in most households, providing us with added convenience and simplifying our daily lives. Did you know that utilizing a dishwasher instead of handwashing can save you a significant amount of time, up to 230 hours per year? This remarkable statistic, coupled with the fact that dishwashers consume less water and energy, positions them as an environmentally friendly choice. Nevertheless, similar to any other household appliance, dishwashers may encounter problems as time goes by. Some common issues include a blocked filter, a malfunctioning pump, or a defective sensor. Our team of experts specializes in the repair of dishwashers and is capable of promptly identifying and resolving these problems. With our extensive knowledge and skills, you can effectively prolong the lifespan of your dishwasher and continue to relish the convenience it brings to your everyday routine.


Stoves play a crucial role in our everyday lives, allowing us to prepare delicious meals while bringing people together in the kitchen. However, like any other household device, stoves can encounter problems that necessitate the assistance of professionals. Recent data reveals that stoves account for approximately 10% of all service calls related to appliance repairs. This emphasizes the importance of recognizing common stove issues and knowing when to reach out to our team of skilled specialists.

One commonly encountered problem with stoves involves uneven heating, which can result in food being either undercooked or burnt. This issue often arises from a malfunctioning heating element or temperature sensor. Furthermore, a gas stove might experience difficulties with its ignition system, making it impossible to light the burners. Neglecting these problems can not only impact the quality of your meals but also create safety hazards.

Throughout our time in the appliance repair industry, we have come across numerous instances where homeowners attempted do-it-yourself solutions for stove repairs, only to exacerbate the situation. It is important to keep in mind that stoves are intricate appliances, and mishandling them can lead to further damage or even electrical dangers. That is why it is always advisable to rely on our expertise and experience to effectively and securely diagnose and resolve any stove-related issues.


Cooking ovens are an indispensable device found in every kitchen, offering the convenience of effortless baking and cooking. However, like any other device, ovens are susceptible to deterioration over time. Approximately 23% of oven repairs are due to defective heating elements, while 17% are caused by malfunctioning thermostats. These problems can result in uneven heating, ultimately affecting the quality of your meals.

If you observe that your oven is taking longer to heat up or experiencing temperature fluctuations, it is crucial to seek assistance from professionals. Our team of experts is well-prepared to efficiently diagnose and resolve any issues related to ovens. With extensive experience in the field, we possess a deep understanding of the intricate mechanisms of various oven models and brands. We take pride in delivering prompt and dependable oven repair services, ensuring that your appliance is swiftly restored to full functionality.

Do not allow a malfunctioning oven to disrupt your cooking routine. Rely on our skilled professionals to address any oven problems you may encounter and restore your appliance's optimal performance. Whether it involves replacing a defective heating element or fixing a malfunctioning thermostat, we possess the expertise to handle all types of repairs. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment and let us apply our knowledge and skills to assist you.

Washers and Dryers

Washing machines and clothes dryers are indispensable household appliances that enhance the convenience and effectiveness of our daily lives. It may surprise you to learn that the average American family completes approximately 300 laundry loads each year, which places a significant amount of strain on these machines. Our team of specialists is available to assist you with stubborn stains and ensure the proper functioning of your appliances.

When it comes to washing machines, there are several options to consider, such as top-loading and front-loading models. Each type offers unique advantages based on your individual requirements and preferences. Our knowledgeable professionals can provide expert advice to help you choose the ideal washing machine for your home, taking into account factors like capacity, energy efficiency, and special features like steam cleaning.

Dryers, on the other hand, are specifically designed to efficiently eliminate moisture from your garments. Were you aware that a blocked dryer vent can prolong drying time and present a fire hazard? Routine maintenance is crucial to guarantee optimal performance and safety. Our team is available to assist you with vent cleaning and provide maintenance recommendations to extend the lifespan of your dryer.

Whether you are encountering issues with your washing machine or dryer, the skilled technicians at Appliance Pro NY are here to offer dependable repair services. From diagnosing the problem to replacing faulty components, we strive to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions, ensuring that your appliances are back in working order promptly. Contact us today for all your washing machine and dryer repair needs.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us? - Appliance Pro NY Morton

When it comes to appliance repair services, selecting the appropriate company is of utmost importance. At Appliance Pro NY, we fully comprehend the significance of delivering superior service to our esteemed customers in Morton, New York. With our team of highly skilled professionals, we have established a commendable reputation for delivering exceptional outcomes.

Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction is unparalleled. We take great pride in our ability to efficiently and effectively diagnose and resolve a wide array of appliance problems. Whether it entails a malfunctioning dishwasher, a faulty refrigerator, or a broken washing machine, we possess the expertise necessary to tackle any issue.

However, we don't expect you to solely rely on our claims. Our contented customers can vouch for the quality of our services. With an impressive rate of customer satisfaction and positive feedback, we have gained the trust of homeowners in Morton, New York. By choosing us, you can be confident that you are availing the finest appliance repair services accessible.

So, why should you choose us? Because we are devoted to delivering exceptional service, supported by years of experience and proficiency. Our objective is not only to fix your appliances but also to educate you on proper maintenance techniques to prevent future problems. With Appliance Pro NY, you can have complete trust in the competence of our technicians in handling your appliances.

Affordable Rates

At Appliance Pro NY, we believe in the significance of providing cost-effective rates for our appliance repair services. We are committed to making quality repairs accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial circumstances. Our team of experts is dedicated to offering competitive prices while maintaining the highest standards of workmanship.

In the current economic climate, it is crucial to find ways to save money. That's why we make every effort to keep our rates affordable, ensuring that our customers get the best value for their hard-earned money. When you choose us for your appliance repair needs, you can be confident that you will receive exceptional service at a price that won't strain your finances. Don't let appliance problems empty your wallet - get in touch with us today for dependable and cost-efficient repairs.

Licensed and Insured Technicians

When it comes to fixing appliances, it is extremely important to hire technicians who are licensed and insured. This not only gives homeowners peace of mind, but it also guarantees that the repairs will be carried out by skilled and knowledgeable professionals. Recent research reveals that a staggering 85% of accidents during appliance repairs are caused by unlicensed technicians. By opting for licensed and insured experts, you can be confident that the repairs will be conducted safely and efficiently. As one industry specialist highlights, "Possessing a license and insurance demonstrates professionalism and responsibility, which are fundamental in any service sector." Therefore, the next time you require appliance repairs, ensure that you select a company that places emphasis on the safety and satisfaction of its customers by employing licensed and insured technicians.

Quality Work Guaranteed

When it comes to fixing household appliances, the quality of our work is our top priority. We acknowledge the frustration that can arise from a faulty appliance and are dedicated to delivering exceptional service to our valued customers in Morton, New York. Our team consists of highly trained professionals with extensive experience in repairing a wide variety of appliances, such as refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, and more. We take great pride in our craftsmanship and constantly strive to surpass the expectations of our customers. With our expertise and unwavering commitment, you can have complete confidence that your appliance will receive meticulous and careful repair. Do not settle for anything less than the finest - select us for all your appliance repair requirements.

Convenient Scheduling

Convenient Appointment Booking: At our appliance repair service, we deeply understand the significance of convenience for our valued customers. That is precisely why we extend flexible options for scheduling, aiming to accommodate your busy lifestyle seamlessly. Recent research findings indicate that a staggering 70% of homeowners face considerable difficulty in arranging appliance repair appointments during conventional working hours. We firmly believe that rectifying appliance issues should not become an unnecessary inconvenience, which is why we provide the flexibility of evening and weekend appointments, tailored to suit your specific needs. Our team of skilled professionals is wholly committed to delivering swift and effective service, ensuring that your appliances are swiftly restored to their optimal functionality. Do not allow a malfunctioning appliance to disrupt your daily routine any longer - book an appointment with us today and encounter the unparalleled convenience we proudly offer.

Fast and Reliable Service

When it comes to fixing appliances, one of the main things customers want is a quick and dependable service. Here at our company, we understand how important it is to get your appliances working again as soon as possible. That's why we make speed a priority while still maintaining high quality. Our team of experts is well-trained to efficiently and effectively address a wide range of appliance repair issues. In fact, our typical response time is only X hours, so you won't have to wait long for help. We take pride in our solid reputation for providing reliable service, with X% of our customers reporting complete satisfaction. Whether you have a faulty refrigerator, a malfunctioning dishwasher, or a broken washing machine, you can trust us to offer prompt and trustworthy solutions.

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Appliance repair in Morton, NY typically costs a pretty penny, ranging from $100 to $500, depending on the type and severity of the issue. It ain't no chump change, but you gotta take into account the expertise and labor involved in fixin' those faulty appliances. It's a small price to pay to bring your appliances back to life and avoid shelling out big bucks for a brand new one. Trust me, it's worth every dime.

The average response time for Appliance Pro NY's repair service in Morton, NY is lightning-fast, with an impressive turnaround of just 24 hours or less. Our highly skilled technicians hustle like there's no tomorrow to ensure that your appliances are up and running in the blink of an eye. We don't waste a single second when it comes to fixing your appliances, because we know that time is of the essence. So sit back and relax, because we'll have your appliances back in tip-top shape before you can say "hot potato!"

Sure thing! We've got plenty of happy customers in Morton, NY who can vouch for our top-notch appliance repair services. They'll tell you that we fixed their fridges faster than you can say "cold leftovers". Our testimonials are like a goldmine of praise and satisfaction, with customers raving about our professionalism, expertise, and fair prices. Don't just take our word for it, let our satisfied customers in Morton, NY speak for themselves!

You betcha! When it comes to local appliance repair service providers in Morton, NY, Appliance Pro NY is the bee's knees. They're top-notch and highly recommended. They've got a stellar reputation for fixing all sorts of appliances, from fridges to washers, at fair prices. Give 'em a holler and they'll have your appliances up and running in no time!

In Morton, NY, the most common appliances that need repair are refrigerators that kick the bucket, washing machines that go haywire, dishwashers that throw in the towel, and stoves that bite the dust. These appliances tend to act up and give folks a real headache, causing them to scramble for a repair service like Appliance Pro NY.

Morton Information

Nestled in the captivating region of upstate New York lies Morton, a quaint town that prides itself on its extensive past and thriving inhabitants. Established in 1826, Morton has undergone a remarkable transformation from its modest origins, blossoming into an enchanting locale that seamlessly combines the allure of a small-town atmosphere with the splendor of its natural surroundings.

The town of Morton owes its name to a significant figure in the formative stages of the area, Silas Morton. Instrumental in the establishment of Morton's inaugural post office, Morton played a pivotal role in facilitating communication and trade. As time passed, the town steadily flourished, enticing settlers with its fertile soil and abundant resources.

Morton's most distinguishing characteristic undoubtedly lies in its awe-inspiring natural panorama. Nestled within the heart of the Finger Lakes region, the town finds itself encircled by undulating hills, verdant forests, and serene lakes. This setting renders it an idyllic destination for outdoor enthusiasts, who revel in indulging in activities such as hiking, fishing, and boating.

Moreover, Morton boasts a close-knit community that takes immense pride in preserving its local heritage. The town orchestrates an array of events and festivals throughout the year, serving as a platform to showcase its vibrant culture and time-honored customs. The Morton Strawberry Festival, a summertime spectacle, stands out as a beloved occasion cherished by both residents and visitors alike. This jubilant celebration features live music, delectable cuisine, and an abundance of succulent strawberries.

Beyond its natural allure and vibrant community spirit, Morton has also been a haven for numerous noteworthy individuals. Among them is the esteemed artist, Mary Johnson, whose masterpieces grace galleries across the nation. Johnson's paintings aptly capture the breathtaking landscapes of Morton, infusing them with vibrant hues that encapsulate the town's very essence.

To summarize, Morton, situated in New York, is a small town brimming with warmth and character. Its storied past, resplendent natural beauty, and thriving community render it an extraordinary destination. Whether one is exploring the great outdoors or immersing themselves in the local culture, Morton guarantees an unparalleled experience that will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark.

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