Rochester Museum and Science Center

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Welcome to the Rochester Museum and Science Center - Delve into the Marvels of Science and History in Rochester, NY

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Rochester Museum and Science Center - Exploring Science and History in Rochester, NY


The RMSC, nestled in the heart of Rochester, New York, is widely recognized as an esteemed educational establishment. Since its inception in 1912, this museum has steadfastly served as a focal point for both scientific discovery and the safeguarding of historical artifacts, spanning more than a hundred years. Through its captivating displays, hands-on experiences, and extensive assortment of treasures, the RMSC presents individuals of every generation with an invaluable opportunity to unearth the marvels that lie within the realms of science and history.

A Rich History

The RMSC has been instrumental in safeguarding the scientific and cultural legacy of Rochester and its environs ever since it was established. Initially recognized as the Rochester Municipal Museum, the organization broadened its scope in 1968 to encompass scientific pursuits, consequently adopting its current designation.

Since its inception, the museum has remained committed to nurturing scientific inquisitiveness and encouraging continuous educational encounters. Boasting a diverse array of displays, enlightening initiatives, and collaborations with educational institutions and local groups, the RMSC has firmly established itself as a cherished presence within the Rochester community.

Exploring Science

Exhibits and Collections

The Rochester Museum and Science Center takes pride in its remarkable assortment of displays that encompass a wide range of scientific fields. From the study of celestial bodies and ancient life forms to the investigation of matter and the Earth's structure, the museum provides a thorough immersion into the wonders of the natural world.

The Carlson Inquiry Room stands out as a highly sought-after attraction, captivating visitors with its engaging hands-on experiences and practical experiments. This captivating area actively encourages visitors to delve into scientific principles through the joys of experimentation and the thrill of discovery.

The Strasenburgh Planetarium, situated in the RMSC, stands as a prominent destination. It presents enthralling exhibitions and activities that highlight the marvels of celestial studies and interstellar voyages.

Educational Programs and Events

RMSC is committed to offering educational experiences for individuals of all age groups. The museum provides a diverse range of programs, workshops, and classes tailored to specific age ranges and individual interests. These initiatives have the purpose of fostering an appreciation for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines, while also promoting the development of analytical and imaginative thinking skills.

The museum also organizes exclusive gatherings, like science fairs, educational talks, and interactive sessions with esteemed professionals. These gatherings offer exceptional chances for visitors to connect with specialists in their respective domains and gain insights into the latest advancements in research and exploration.

Preserving History

Rochester's Heritage

The Rochester Museum and Science Center acknowledges the significance of safeguarding and presenting the abundant heritage of the Rochester area. Within the museum's exhibition spaces, you will find comprehensive assortments of objects, records, and pictures that portray the past and traditions of the locality.

A remarkable showcase at the museum features the "Rochester Made" exhibition, focusing on the rich industrial history of the city. It presents the remarkable advancements and creations that have influenced the growth of Rochester, notably including the renowned Eastman Kodak Company and Xerox.

Partnerships and Outreach

The Rochester Museum and Science Center (RMSC) joins forces with nearby historical societies, educational institutions, and community organizations to safeguard and make Rochester's history easily available. By fostering these alliances, the museum endeavors to produce captivating displays and initiatives that authentically depict the varied narratives and encounters of the Rochester community.

Furthermore, the RMSC enthusiastically engages in community initiatives, delivering captivating educational encounters to educational institutions, libraries, and various local gathering spaces. These endeavors strive to cultivate a more profound comprehension and admiration of Rochester's rich history among individuals from diverse walks of life.


The Rochester Museum and Science Center goes far beyond being a mere museum; it acts as a stimulant for scientific investigation, safeguarding our history, and encouraging community involvement. By means of its displays, educational initiatives, and collaborations, the RMSC sparks inquisitiveness, nurtures education, and advocates for a more profound comprehension of our surroundings. Whether you possess a passion for science, an affinity for history, or simply seek a fulfilling encounter, the RMSC is an essential place to explore when in Rochester, New York.

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